Choosing a quality daycare can be very overwhelming. Choosing the right daycare is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. It is important to choose a child care provider that will nurture and interact with your child and provide a rich environment that will promote all areas of your child’s development. Research shows that high quality child care programs help children become ready for school.

  • Family child care, also known as a home daycare, offers a home-like, nurturing atmosphere.  Children can play in familiar, comfortable, non-institutional surroundings.
  • Family child care has mixed ages which mimics most families.  Children have an opportunity to play with and learn from children of all ages.  This allows children to remain with one child care provider for many years.  This develops trust and security in children.
  • Siblings aren’t separated by age (into different classrooms) in a home daycare.  Siblings spend the day together and are able to interact, play, and learn together.
  • The child care provider is usually a mother but this isn’t her only qualification. In-home child care providers must attend training to become licensed and must continue to receive training on an ongoing basis. Many family child care providers have a degree in education.
  • Smaller group size in a family child care home allows for more individual attention for each child.  Family child care homes cannot have more than two infants and group family child care homes cannot have more than one infant. This requirement is for Minnesota and may vary for each individual state.
  • Family child care serves home-cooked, individually prepared meals. The majority of home child care providers participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
  • Family child care offers a healthier environment because there is less illness in a small group of children.
  • Family child care offers more child care providers that have many years of experience, giving children a consistent caregiver.  The staff at a center usually turns over quickly, resulting in a less stable relationship between the child care provider and child.
  • Family child care homes tend to close fewer holidays than centers.
  • Significant research has provided evidence that warm, loving and home-like settings are natural environments for children during early childhood.
  • Family Child Care is a widely used type of out-of-home care for young children in the United States, and is the preferred choice for infants and toddlers.
  • The foundation of family child care is relationships.  Relationships between parents and providers, providers and the children and the children with each other.  Family child care fosters emotionally secure interpersonal relationships with all families involved in care.
  • Family child care offers the safety and comfort of home and provides a consistent caregiver throughout the years.  Family child care is the care of choice for many parents.
  • Infant care tends to be more readily available in family child care programs and the benefits of this form of care are tremendously advantageous to very young children.
  • Family child care tends to offer smaller ratios of children to adults, often allowing early intervention and special needs care to be more readily available.
  • What began years ago as an informal approach to providing child care as a way to support working parents, family child care providers today are making an intentional career choice to offer quality early care and education in their homes.  Many high quality child care programs offer a preschool curriculum. Family child care providers are dedicated to delivering high quality, emotionally secure and educational child care to children of all ages.

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  1. Children while growing actually needs a home kind of atmosphere. Therefore, it is truly beneficial when you consider daycare instead of other care giving services. This is my personal experience.

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