Baby at hospital after home birth

Baby Mikaela after arriving to hospital

The last time that I wrote about my daughter, Jessilyn, I said she was playing what she called “The Waiting Game”. That night she quit playing the game. Her childbirth story isn’t the norm and even made the local news.

Throughout Jessilyn’s entire pregnancy she planned on having a natural childbirth via a water birth at the hospital with a midwife and doula. It was going to be a nice, serene, and natural birth.

The plan was that if Jessilyn went into labor during the day that I would meet them at the hospital and take care of my 19-month-old granddaughter while I played “The Waiting Game”. If she went into labor during the night then I would go to their house and stay while my granddaughter was sleeping.

I got a call from her at 1:37 am. She said she was having contractions. I asked her how far apart they were. She didn’t know. I told her to time them and I would call her back in ten minutes.

I proceeded to run around the house getting all of my last minute stuff packed into my bags. When I called her back she said that they were 6 minutes apart and that she had called the midwife that was on call. The midwife pointed out that Jessilyn was still talking through her contractions and she expected that Jessilyn would probably be ready to go to the hospital around 6:00 am. I told her based on my experiences after giving birth to four children I wasn’t going to wait and that I was leaving soon.

I left my house at 2:30 am. I arrived at my daughter’s house at about 3:05 am. When I got there John was starting his truck and informed me that she felt like pushing. I went in and found her in the bathroom. At this point I told John that he needed to hurry and get her there but within minutes I realized that getting her to the hospital was no longer an option. She was having bearing-down contractions. The hospital was about 20 minutes away. I told John to call 911.

I will let my daughter tell the rest of the story. This story actually made the local WCCO news three weeks after my grandaughter’s birth.

Click here to read Jessilyn’s childbirth story

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