My name is Lisa and I am “Mom” to 4 awesome children ages 27, 25, 23 and 12. I gave birth to all 4 “naturally” without drugs – better known as “natural childbirth”.

While I was pregnant with my first child I read a book – Thank You, Dr. Lamaze. I read it twice. It is an EXCELLENT book. I also read a book titled Painless Childbirth – The Lamaze Method. My labor with my first child was 3 1/2 hours of what felt like period cramps. My nurse was in disbelief.

I fully believe in VERY CONCENTRATED breathing. I didn’t want anyone talking to me or “coaching” me. I put myself in “another place”. My husband refers to that “place” as “Lisa Land”. I blocked out everything going on around me and totally focused on my labor contractions and concentrating on Lamaze breathing techniques. I stayed in control of my labor contractions – rather then letting them control me.

I didn’t take the time to read the book while pregnant with my second child. It was on my list of things to do but I didn’t get to it. It was also on my list of things to do with my third pregnancy but once again I didn’t get to it. Labor with my second and third children were a bit worse – but still not bad. The surprising thing was that my labor with both my second and third child was four hours (longer than my first child).

I read the book again before my fourth child’s birth (10 years ago). Yes, my youngest at the time was 10 years old. I was having a child that people refer to as a “blessing” because of the age difference. I later discovered what that really meant – he is a “blessing” to our family and lives. He sure prevented the “empty nest” syndrome when the other three went off to college. This birth (my fourth) was very mild and very fast. I was in labor for 1 hour and 17 minutes.

I attribute my easy and fast labors to the book - Thank You, Dr. Lamaze. I think this book is so great that I saved it for my first child (my only daughter, now 24). She is now pregnant with her second child. She read the book during her first pregnancy, had a natural childbirth and says she would never do it any other way.

I believe that reading this book gave me SHORT LABORS because it taught me to work WITH my body and labor contractions rather than against it/them.

I DO NOT judge anyone that resorts to pain medication during childbirth. I had very quick and easy labors and deliveries. I am very thankful that they weren’t longer, more intense and that they didn’t involve “back labor”. Only God knows what I would have done during a 36-hour long labor pain.

I highly recommend preparing for childbirth in advance.  Prepare for one of the most natural and beautiful events of your life. I truly believe that WE DO have a large degree of control over our birthing experience! I truly believe that our childbirth experience is mainly determined from how we educate ourselves about the process of childbirth and how we prepare our mind and body for that process!

Get a “childbirth education”. Read books on pregnancy and childbirth, preparing for childbirth, painless childbirth and Lamaze breathing techniques. Watch a video of childbirth. I watched a few birth videos while I was pregnant. Attend a childbirth class. Practice breathing techniques.

Don’t listen to people that tell you that “breathing doesn’t work”. Everyone is different. Breathing works for most people – especially if they learn the correct technique – The Lamaze Breathing Technique and practice it.

Relax and be optimistic. Usually, what you think will happen ~ does happen!

I would LOVE to hear from YOU! You can leave your comments and/or birth story below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter! If you have questions or suggestions - contact me!

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