Hoiw many cloth diapers do I need?

How Many Cloth Diapers

Do I Need?

Many moms ask this question. Cloth diapering moms will tell you that you can never have too many cloth diapers; but, how many do you really NEED?

The answer depends on:

  • The age of your baby or toddler
  • If you have more than one child in cloth diapers
  • If you use cloth diapers exclusively
  • How often you want to wash your cloth diapers – see Washing Cloth Diapers

Newborns often poop (and pee) each time they are fed which is usually every 2 – 3 hours. Newborns need to be changed A LOT and use 8 – 12 diapers a day regardless of whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. This in itself is a good reason to use cloth diapers as disposables can get quite expensive. If you do your cloth diaper laundry every other day you will need about 24 diapers.

As your baby grows she will need less diaper changes. Older babies and toddlers may go through 6 – 10 diapers per day.

How many cloth diapers are recommended?

Mother-ease One Size Cloth Diapers

Full Time Cloth Diapering – wash every 2 days for a newborn & every 2 – 3 days for an older baby/toddler:

  • 24 cloth diapers *
  • 12 absorbent liners **
  • 4 diaper covers

Convenience Cloth Diapering – to postpone laundry by one day:

  • 36 cloth diapers
  • 18 absorbent liners
  • 6 diaper covers

Part Time Cloth Diapering – for parents that use cloth and disposables:

  • 12 cloth diapers
  • 6 absorbent liners
  • 3 diaper covers

*If you use One Size diapers this will be all you will need from newborn to toilet training (8-35 lbs.).
** If you use One Size diapers or Small & Large Sandy’s diapers you will need a total of 16 diaper covers as your child grows from newborn to toilet training (4 small, 4 medium, 4 medium/large and 4 large).

Cloth Diapers

Mother-ease Cloth Diaper Systems come in different styles, fabrics, colors and sizes. Both styles require a diaper cover and an absorbent liner is recommended for overnight and heavy wetting.

Mother-ease Sandy's Fitted Cloth Diapers

Styles and Sizes

Fabrics and Colors

  • Organic Cloth Diapers in their natural unbleached finish
  • Bamboo Cloth Diapers in their natural unbleached finish – very absorbent and the softest fabric on the marketREAD MORE about The Benefits of Bamboo Cloth Diapers
  • Cotton Terry in white, unbleached, blue, pink, green, aqua, purple, yellow and orange
  • Stay Dry (available in One Size style only)

Diaper Covers

You will only need one diaper cover for every 4-6 diaper changes. Diaper covers can be reused unless they become soiled.

One Size Cloth Diapers

Sandy's Cloth Diapers

Mother-ease makes a leak-proof cloth diaper cover that refuses to compromise breathability! The fabric is soft, durable and waterproof. The Air Flow™ Snap Cover, with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings has an air ventilation system between the snaps. This allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature inside the cloth diaper down. And, unlike Velcro, the curious baby can’t undo them, so they stay on until you take them off.

The Air Flow Snap Cover comes in 5 prints and 3 colors and is available in 6 sizes.

Diaper Cover Compatibility:

  • The One Size diaper is compatible with the small, medium, medium/large and large diaper covers. For full time cloth diapering from newborn to potty training you will need a total of 16 diaper covers (4 of each size).
  • The Newborn Sandy’s diaper is compatible with the x-small diaper cover.
  • The Small Sandy’s diaper is compatible with the small & medium diaper cover.
  • The Large Sandy’s diaper is compatible with the medium/large and large diaper cover.
  • The Toddle-ease diaper is compatible with the x-large diaper cover.

See Product Compatibility for more information.

Absorbent Liners

Mother-ease offers Absorbent Liners boost the absorbency of cloth diapers for overnight and the heavy wetter. The Mother-ease Absorbent Liners are available in the same high quality Diaper Fabrics that are used in the Mother-ease Cloth Diapers. The Snap In™ Liners have been developed for the One Size Diaper System and the Sandy’s™ Liners for the Sandy’s Diaper System.

Browse around the site and you will find a lot of information on how to cloth diaper.

Click here for information on washing cloth diapers.

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