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Should you choose a child care location close to home or close to work?

The most important thing in choosing a child care is that you are 100% confident about your choice. Ask a lot of questions and then listen to your gut feeling. Make sure that the child care provider that you choose has the same child care beliefs and views that you do.

That said, here are some important things to consider when deciding on a child care location.

  • Will you be traveling to the daycare on your work breaks to breastfeed your baby, to volunteer or to visit?
  • The most dangerous thing that your child does on a regular basis is riding in a vehicle. Accidents happen. The less time that your child spends in a vehicle, the better, especially during inclement weather.
  • Travel time can seem very long to a young child. Some parents report the benefits of this “quality time” when traveling to and from work. Remember, a distracted driver isn’t a safe driver.
  • Will you be spending any time working from home? If so, do you want to drive your child to the area of your work location on these days?
  • Is the daycare location convenient for both parents?
  • Will you ever need to have a friend or relative pick your child up if you need to work late? Is the location convenient for them?
  • Will you ever take time off from work to work around the house (i.e.: painting) while your child is at daycare? Having a child care close to home works well for these days.
  • If you are sick and are unable to care for your child, you probably don’t want to drive a long distance to drop your child off at the daycare.
  • If your child is sick and you need to pick him up from daycare, being close to home could be a lifesaver. The same goes for if she is tired and cranky.
  • Is your child’s doctor close to your work or home?
  • What are the hours of the child care? Will you have a problem getting their by closing time? If this is a problem, it would be better to have your daycare close to your work.

Read about choosing a home child care.

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