Disposable Diapers and Your Baby's Health

Health Here’s to Your Baby’s! Have you ever considered what disposables are made of? How did they get to be so white? How do they manage to absorb so much? Disposables are made mostly of soft, fluffy pulp which is produced by chemically treating wood fibers. The pulp undergoes a whitening and softening process when it is exposed to chlorine-based bleaching agents, such as chlorine gas and chlorine dioxide. These papermaking methods produce a multitude [Read more...]

The Benefits of Mother-ease One Size Cloth Diapers

Experience – You get a leak-free, durable diapering system with years of proven performance. Mother-ease has been designing and manufacturing top quality, leak-free cloth diaper systems for almost 2 decades. Quality – Mother-ease manufactures all of their products in their own facility. Full control over production allows them to monitor each step of the production process and ensure their Quality Control Standards are met. Their custom made diaper cloth, the testing of all of their fabrics [Read more...]

Disposable Diapers and The Environment

Environment – Time For A Change We make choices in everything we buy. Virtually every product we purchase has some impact on the environment. We need to determine which alternatives are less harmful and choose to use these products and practices whenever possible. It is the cumulative effect of all our seemingly insignificant choices that has led us to our “drawing on the capital” rather than “living off the interest” of our earth’s resources. Disposable [Read more...]

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