My Granddaughter's Home Birth

The last time that I wrote about my daughter, Jessilyn, I said she was playing what she called “The Waiting Game”. That night she quit playing the game. Her childbirth story isn’t the norm and even made the local news. Throughout Jessilyn’s entire pregnancy she planned on having a natural childbirth via a water birth at the hospital with a midwife and doula. It was going to be a nice, serene, and natural birth. The [Read more...]

The Childbirth Waiting Game

Do you have a childbirth story to share?
I’d love for my readers to post their childbirth stories here for everyone to read.
I’d love to hear from you!

Breastfeeding is Offensive

I’m thankful for not having boobs thrown in my face all the time by offensive and indecent breastfeeding mothers like the ones below. Wait… Well, this is a bad example. Let’s try again. Hmm… Just a minute. I’m sure I can find better ones than these… Eh, still not offensive enough. I’ll check one more time. That is better. LOOK AT THAT! I see about a half inch of boob. DISGUSTING. UGH. Look at that [Read more...]

How to Cope With Pain During Childbirth ~ My Childbirth Story

My name is Lisa and I am “Mom” to 4 awesome children ages 27, 25, 23 and 12. I gave birth to all 4 “naturally” without drugs – better known as “natural childbirth”. While I was pregnant with my first child I read a book – Thank You, Dr. Lamaze. I read it twice. It is an EXCELLENT book. I also read a book titled Painless Childbirth – The Lamaze Method. My labor with my [Read more...]

The Leading Cause of Death for Children

Shortly after writing the article titled “Save a Child – Use a Car Seat” my daughter asked me “Mom, why would you write an article about using car seats? Everyone puts their child in a car seat.” I owned Awesome Beginnings 4 Children for 18 years. I KNOW that NOT everyone uses a car seat! I filled my daughter in on all the things I had witnessed in just the last few of my “daycare [Read more...]

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need? Many moms ask this question. Cloth diapering moms will tell you that you can never have too many cloth diapers; but, how many do you really NEED? The answer depends on: The age of your baby or toddler If you have more than one child in cloth diapers If you use cloth diapers exclusively How often you want to wash your cloth diapers – see Washing Cloth Diapers [Read more...]

The Benefits of Bamboo Cloth Diapers

Bamboo cloth diapers are a perfect choice for living green. Bamboo fabric is lightweight, durable and resilient. The Benefits for Your Baby Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is great for babies with sensitive skin. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton and even hemp. Bamboo has been compared to cashmere and is being recognized as one of the softest fabrics available in the market that can be worn next to the skin. Bamboo is naturally organic. Bamboo [Read more...]

Why Choose Family Child Care?

Choosing a quality daycare can be very overwhelming. Choosing the right daycare is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. It is important to choose a child care provider that will nurture and interact with your child and provide a rich environment that will promote all areas of your child’s development. Research shows that high quality child care programs help children become ready for school. Family child care, also known [Read more...]

Save a Child - Use a Car Seat!

Would you let your child play on the roof of a three story building? What is the most dangerous thing that your child does on a daily basis? I’m guessing that your child rides in a motor vehicle on a daily (or almost daily) basis! Automobile crashes are the No. 1 killer of children ages 0 -14 in the United States, killing more children than all other diseases combined. In a crash at 30 miles [Read more...]

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

My grandmother and my mother quit breastfeeding their babies when they were newborns because they weren’t “producing enough milk”. I was lucky enough to purchase a book (the right book) on breastfeeding before I had my children. Babies go through growth spurts. These growth spurts will continue on through their teenage years. During a baby’s first year the most common times to expect these growth spurts are when your baby is around 3 weeks, 6 [Read more...]

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