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Mother-ease Mission Statement

Mother-ease is a socially responsible, green-powered Canadian manufacturer committed to exceeding customer expectations with original designs including natural and organic diapers while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Environmental Responsibility – 100% Green Power

Mother-ease has a clear mission and is proud to be a 100% green powered factory, producing environmentally friendly Bullfrog power logocloth diapers using 100% green power. Mother-ease has been powering its facility with 100% green energy since 2007. The Bamboo Terry and Organic Cotton diaper fabrics as well as the dyes used for the colored diapers have all been rated as Eco-Friendly. The terry fabrics are knit in Canada eliminating the need to ship from overseas. Mother-ease employees receive fair wages as well as company paid health benefits.

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Mother-ease has been designing and manufacturing top quality, leak-free cloth diaper systems for almost 2 decades.


Mother-ease manufactures all of their products in their own facility in St. Catharines, Canada. Full control over production allows them to monitor each step of the production process and ensure their Quality Control Standards are met. Mother-ease uses custom made diaper cloth which is perfectly suited for their products. Mother-ease tests all of their fabrics and applies their Quality Control Standards so we can be confident that all Mother-ease cloth diapers are of consistent top quality.


With the Mother-ease Cloth Diaper System the cloth diaper is separate from the cover – this creates 2 independent pieces working together to prevent leaks. The separate system maximizes washabity. Wash water is better able to flow through the diaper when the waterproof cover is not attached.


Mother-ease Cloth Diapers are comfortable by design. Stretchy cotton terry cloth diapers with fully elasticized waist and leg openings ensure comfort as baby moves, while breathability incorporated into the cover, encourages air circulation that reduces heat build-up. The Mother-ease diaper covers are roomy and fit perfectly over their cloth diapers.

Cost Savings

The separate cloth diaper system enables you to purchase fewer covers than diapers. When you buy a full-time stash of cloth diapers you will need only 4 covers (of a particular size) since they can be re-used before washing. This buys time before you need a larger size, and Bonus – you get to pick from the whole range of colors and prints for your new stash of 4 larger covers!

Health Benefits

There are significant health benefits to using cloth diapers, but at Mother-ease they go above and beyond. They control the entire production process from purchasing cotton yarns and having them knit and finished to making cloth diapers (under strict Canadian laws for children’s apparel.) When they arrive at your door you can be absolutely confident in Mother-ease Cloth Diapers.

Buy Mother-ease Cloth Diapers – and make the best decision for you, your baby and your world.

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